Comparison of Beer Pong Cups Set of 12 and NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Machine Mini Me - Which is better?

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Beer Pong Cups Set of 12

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NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto Machine Mini Me



4.9 Average

15 Rating

5.0 Average

110 Rating


Safe na safe may karton pa para di masira yung cups kudos sa seller at lalong lalo na sa nag deliver biglang lumakas ang ulan pero naihatid parin dito sa amin ito lang ang maigaganti ko sayo kuya!
by Jayson B. on 2019-05-22

satisfied costumer here..???
by Garry R. on 2019-02-02

great item. ship fast.
by Lazada Customer on 2019-01-28

pede cya hugasan pagka gamit. sulit na sulit.
by victor D. on 2019-01-10

okay naman items, nakaplastic and may karton sa isang side lang. better siguro if nakakarton or kahon talaga para iwas damage. may 1 lang na may damage siguro dahil sa delivery. all in all okay yung cups, good buy for its price. thank you seller!
by Kim J. on 2018-12-19

I finally got it, and they really waited until the deadline before it got delivered. I got the capsules quicker and I still don't understand why Lazada packed them separately. I wish I've gotten the machine quicker like the capsules. This is not the merchant's fault, this is on Lazada because the other buyers were able to get their machines quicker. However, I applaud the merchant's awesome customer service. All in all, i'm happy and i love the machine. It has a nice design and it makes great coffee.
by Felyn O. on 2019-04-05

worth the wait and puyat to checked it out on lazada bday deal, got it at discounted price and was able to bought 1 box of coffee capsules. I tried it right away after i did the "get me started cleaning procedure" feels like im in coffee shop in the comfort of my home.
by Mary A. on 2019-04-04

Satisfied customer... will use it well, item shipped immediately. smooth and fast transaction. love it. easy to use. love it❤️❤️
by Ann C. on 2019-03-30

The item was well packed and the box was not damaged even if only one layer of bubble wrap was used..done with the first cleaning but haven’t used it for brewing..seems like it is running without it at 50% off plus voucher for less 300..well worth the money..
by Marvin M. on 2019-03-29

I love how they carefully packed my order. Item is working properly. Tho, I had to rush to the grocery store to buy chococino for my kids (coz I only bought greentea latte from them) and I can tell that they really enjoyed the drink. Super sulit for its price. Great after sales too! Thanks for answering all my questions ?
by khidash K. on 2019-03-29